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Columbus discovery of America

If Columbus had been married, he might never have discovered America, coz he would have had to answer:

Where are u going? With whom? Why? How are u going? To discover what? Why only u? What do I do when u are not here? Can I come with you?When will u be back? Will u be home for dinner? What will u bring for me ? u deli…berately made this plan without me, didn’t you? u seem to be making a lot of these programs lately. I want to go to my mother’s house.I want u to drop me there.I don’t understand what this whole ‘discovery’ thing is about. u always do things like this. Last time also u did the same thing! Nowadays u always seem to do this kind of stuff. I still don’t understand what else is left to be discovered.

BTW, my colleague comment:

“Columbus was married to Philipa Moniz Perestrelo. Looks like she had all these questions lined up, but by then Columbus had sneaked out on to the ship.”


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Innovation: Digital world getting connected to physical world

Pranav Mistry (PhD student of Indian origin in the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT's Media Lab) recently shares few of his innovations, which can connect digital world to the real world objects. During his recent he shared his phenomenal vision of "Sixth Sense"; where physical objects (for instance camera, hand movements, human motions etc) can be felt, sensed directly/feed into computer. " SixthSense" is a wearable gesture interface that augments the physical world around us with digital information and lets us use natural hand gestures to interact with that information.His past projects include (not limited to): - "Quickies" is an intelligent physical sticky-note which can be digitally stored and can be searched as well - "TaPuMa" a digital, tangible public map that allows people to use their own objects to display pertinent information on the map - "Third Eye" - multiple viewer viewing different things on a single screen - "inktutive" Pen & paper workspace project which can be directly feed into computer Pranav is planning to launch his API's as open-source project, which can be used directly or extended to connect real world with digital world. Personally I see his projects as break-through defining project, which is going to define/build new paradigm.  Hat's off to Pranav. Simply amazing! His website is

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