Consumer forum awareness – II

M/S Ahaa furniture lost another case in the consumer forum. Please check details in the link; Ahaa furniture is the same store where I filed the case/won as well. Finally, consumers are proving this is the age of consumerism. “Jago, Grahak Jago”.

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Amazing skating dance on bollywood songs

Awesome performance by Meryl Davis and Charlie White on bolloywood song.

Looks like Meryl Davis and Charlie White are fan of Aishwarya. Performed songs are:
– Kajra Re (Bunty aur Babli)
– Silsala yeh cahat ka (Devdaas)
– Nimbuda (Hum Dil de chucke Sanam)

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Awareness: Consumer forum



Recently I won case against reputed furniture store M/S Ahaa ( @ Bangalore. I purchased cot & 2 side-tables for 42K, August last year. To my dismay, wood started peeling a month after, I could see powder droppings, wood cracks etc. They did replacement after lot of effort December last year. Again with the new set, same issues resurfaced around Jan ’09.


When I approached them, they just washed off their hands and told nothing is possible from their side. I approached consumer forum (after lot of written communication) and filed case. It took around 3-4 months to get resolution in my favour.


Finally Ahaa people taken back furniture and refunded the entire amount.  Two of my IIMB alumni friends Arvind Sinha & Sharada consistently supported me. Special thanks to them for motivating me to pursue the case and overcoming fear of uncertainty. I will suggest approaching consumer forum for any similar issue. Though, it is tedious process but worth getting piece of mind.


– Written communication with opposite party (Ahaa in my case) with sufficient proof

  • Mode: Registered post, Fax, Lawyer notice

– Approach consumer forum with written application mentioning following details:

  • Opposite party details (address & contact details)
  • Your contact details (address & contact details)
  • Financial claims (clear numbers, if possible break-up). For example actual amount paid, refund required, mental harassment etc.
  • Case details with sequence of action corroborating your claims

– File @ the case at consumer forum (Karnataka forum – Application to be submitted in original with 3 Photostat copies

– Hearing details & sequence of action

  • 1st date: Your case & claim justification
  • Case details send to opposite party by consumer forum
  • Opposite party filing there version (response), You will receive copy of the same
  • You file your version (response), addressing points raised by opposite party. File your affidavit (Affidavit filing is very important)
  • Opposite party defending there version
  • You defending your version
  • Arguments
  • One more argument session (I am not very sure, but in my case this happened)
  • Dooms day

Few suggestions

– Affidavit is important

Lawyer is optional. If you are sure about the process, no need to hire lawyer. During first hearing, I realized most of the cases are defended by Lawyer.  I decided to hire lawyer as well. In my opinion, if somebody would have briefed on the entire process, I myself would have defended the case.


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