Share Market – 2008

Hi Friends,

This is Amit Sachan. Another product of KNIT and now serving IT industry. I am a Siebel Certified CRM Consultant and currently working on a niche technology called RTD (Real Time Decision). My Introduction has nothing to do with the Subject of this blog, but since this is my first blog i thought to introduce myself. Coming back to the subject, lot has been said about the direction in which Indian market or importantly share market is going. I strongly believe that share market is not an indicator of a healthy economy, but still seeing the robust growth in BSE and NSE, I believe we are fortunate enough to born in the era, where we can make lot of money from the market. Offcourse I am no punter in share market, yet I have never been at the loosing end, thanks to some thorough research which i do, before putting my hard earned money.
This blog is nothing but compilation of different experts views on sectors/stocks to buy in 2008 to get hefty returns, To begin with few of the most effective sites/blogs which a tyro must go through are ( I particularly like this site because of the information available in this site) (Nifty’s official site) (Bombay Stock Exchange’s site) (A stock market expert, you will find useful recommendations in his site)

But there is never 100% guarantee that a particular stock that you have purchased is going to be a winning horse. Nobody could have imagined the returns Temptation Food has given over the months. Few large stocks in which I am going to definitely invest this year (Might be helpful for you as well) are:
1) Reliance Power (Apply in this IPO for long term, If you have a daughter it will definitely put and end to your worries of her grand marriage 🙂
2) DLF
3) State Bank of India (Banking sector in particular will continue to give decent returns)
5) Reliance Energy
6) Tata Steel
7) Reliance Industries

Couple of the midcaps which you can purchase are:
1) Indiabulls financial
3) Noida Toll Bridge (Again for long term, I am pretty hopeful that commonweath games in 2010 will boost the fortunes of this stock)
4) Cholamandalam DBS
5) Jain irrigation
6) Patel Enigneering (A costly stock)
7) ReiAgro ( though this stock has seen 600% return last year, I am hopeful that it will continue its good run)
8) GMR Infrastructure (This stock should surely be present in your portfolio)

Offcourse list is long, there are lot of small caps stocks as well. But I am not listing down them due to high risk factor associated with them.

I am open to any views/ideas/recommendations. Appreciate if people can add to this list.
And I am sorry if you find this blog boring and redundant. I have been blogging since quite a time in different blog spaces, but now will continue to write blogs in this site. So first mistake can be condoned.

Amit Sachan

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  1. Amal says:

    Hi Amit

    There is one good site as well.

    However, Issue is not about which share to buy. We always get lot of pointers, which to buy and which to sell.

    I guess issue is when to buy and critical decision is when to sell. My reco is to follow moving average religiously to sell the stocks.

    Happy Investing, keep on booking profit.


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