New emerging technological trends

Technology always created new avenues, facilities, comfort level for human being and is consistently evolved to achieve new break-through. Not only these aspects, it created new niche market & consumer segments leading to new financial models. Classical example of recent past are mobile, pen drives, digital camera, GPS, remote control, iPod, internet and many more. All these innovative products created huge demand & fulfillment model as well. More-over there is tremenodus consicous R&D effort for evolving technology.

Think about  an integrated chip which infinite memory with non-volatile functionality; USB drive with tremendous responsiveness to replace DVD drive; wireless power transmission; gesture based remote control; open wireless networks; touch monitor embedded on furnitures, walls.  Do read detailed article about undergoing path-breaking innovations at following link  As long as technology remains facilitator, it shall open tremendous opportunity both economically & for humankind as well. Some times technology is intruder. At end of the day, choice is still with us. 🙂

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