My first business class travel

Recently (actually yesterday), I was travelling back from Paris. Just before boarding the flight, I was informed due to my good number of points and overbooking of the flight, my seat is upgraded to business class…Infact I was double-checking @ boarding counter, If mine was eisle seat or not. The reply was, sir you seat is upgraded to business class, if you want we can check for ECONOMY class eisle seat. I just smirked and snatched my upgraded boarding card, before giving them chance to check for mine eisle seat @ economy 😉

So as usual excited, called up my better half to inform her my newly gained but TEMPORARY privilege…Entered flight like Maharaja…located my seat..and realised I have 9.5 hours of kingdom..First time I was wondering why cant return flight to BLR be long (normally BLR-PARIS is 10.5 hours)…never mind..9.5 hours is good enuff…

So flight started and here comes mistress 😉 (air-hostess), asking me to handover my jacket to her..which I did…then..choice of newspaper..and first time I was offered english news paper at AF flight…and..then champagne..with choice of champagne..and as usual I was trying to understand..different champagne…etc etc..

what was plethora of services..choice of gourmet food..right from appetisers..main course..deserts..

Another aspect, which I realised..stewards were playing quite intimate..probably I was late by 8+ years..phew!…wish I could had travelled during bachelorhood….

Finally the tiredness and wine did the trick..and I slept as usual…my fav flight pastime..followed by few movies..before we reach bangalore…Overall WOW experience…and can buy you luxury..of course your milege points can help you once in a while..hee hee…back-2-bangalore and realism..time to head home…

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