IT certifications – Does it help?

There is general perception that certification helps for career advancement. In my opinion certification definitely bring some advantage and help for resume shortlisting, nothing more that that. At End of the day, your personality speak (presentation, value-add, selling-w/o-given hint of selling) helps. Quite open to debate, as I hear different messages from different quarters.

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Adv of certificates:
– Disclipne & Time management (required to clear the exam)
– Conceptual understanding (Going through the books & reference material will help to understand concepts of the underlying certification)
– Resume shortlisting, job-offer (Among two candidates of almost equal interview rating, candidate with certification holds advantage)

What certificates WONT do:
– Assist in your job
– Career progression (once selected for a job, performance is measured on your contribution to the org OR how it is percieved)

In my opinion:
– Certificate may help as little adv and reflect seriousness on CV as you are ready to add-value, compare with non-certified candidate
– PERSONALITY development is important and is ON-going process
– Good personality creates positive impression
– Communication is the key (2-way communication – communication is NOT just spkng)
– Time management is critical

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