IPL – The great cricket carnival

I went to watch one of the matches recently. Tell you that was more than VOW experience. There was DJ; cheer-leaders with skimpy outfits; spicy bollywood celebrities; flood lights; huge hulla-gulla and what not. Oops! forget to mention, there was cricket match as well. Possibly missing was the excitement to back one team. Everybody went there to have fun; have a wonderful evening and go home. A bit of home team support is always there.  Personally I feel, by & large junta is not associated with one team or other. Net-Net a VOW affect. Not bad actually, to have a splendid evening full of fun at cost of few hundred & thousands. Don’t mind going there again.

On the serious note, Indian permier league is one of the greatest cricket carnival, which comprises of International players, business tycoons , celebrities, cheer-leaders, bollywood stars, DJ, perfect evening time-pass, TV, flood nights, spectators & what not. Hats off to BCCI for producing this amazing revenue generating CASH-COW; which is essentially win-win situation for everybody; to the conglomerates pumping huge money; media companies for doing TV coverage; stadium for pulling back crowd into stadiums; great packages for cricketing stars; excellent exposure to Indian domestic players; excellent platform for celebrities; world wide TV spectators for exciting time-pass every day evening.

Is there any looser; possibly players who wont able to participat especially English players. Brit Army & players; better luck next time 🙂

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