Imprisonment due to ignorance or racial reasons?

This story is a couple of months old of Missouri urologist Dr. Madduri, which I come across recently. I was wondering if the urologist had some malicious intentions.  Most of us in his situation would have behaved in similar manner. I can only sympthaize with Dr. Madduri.

“On June 26, 2008, I traveled from St Louis to Las Vegas to attend AAPI annual convention by Southwest flight 1226. Two hours into the flight, I tried to go to the bathroom ( I take a blood pressure medicine with diuretic that makes one ‘go’ more often). As I was sitting in row six, I walked to the front lavatory. The flight attendant, named Lora Lee Minton, abruptly stopped me and essentially shouted at me, “Go back! This bath room is occupied, and you cannot stand here.”

Shocked and dumbfounded at this unfriendly behavior, I went back and sat in my seat. Two minutes later, I saw the lavatory door opening and I got up and walked towards the bath room again. The same flight attendant (Lora Lee Minton) screamed at me, “I told you not to go to that bathroom,” and started pushing me into my seat. I was totally confused at this erratic behavior, and told her that I had been taking medicine and I had to go to the toilet. I even tried to walk past Ms.Minton as I was very uncomfortable.

“I told you not to go,” she pushed me into my seat! I was lost. I flew many times but had never experienced a rude and unfriendly behavior like this. Confused and not knowing what to do, I went back and sat in my seat. I saw the pilot came out of the lavatory, walked into the cockpit and closed the door behind him. Later I could use the bathroom….Click on the link to read entire story”

Can ignorance of one rule (“To remain seated if pilot leaves cockpit”) be so imposing. Poor guy. He wanted to pee badly, but not only was the bathroom occupied, the flight attendant was just plain rude.  At least attendant should have told him to remain seated until pilot joins back the cockpit. Instead, he was imprisoned overnight and charged guilty as well.

Any thoughts?

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