Executive management program (EGMP) @ IIMB – The pretext

Management course from IIMB, is always dream for many of the aspiring grads in India for sure. In recent years, with Indian economy going great guns, there is definite inclination among working exec’s to upgrade themselves to the management world, understand nuances in the structured way and expedite the path with confidence.

I was hit by similar bug, when I realized I am probably missing certain way of thoughts, thinking blah blah..This eventually lead to realism that I missed the trick of being a management grad, which is must for way forward. Of course, coming from IT background, obvious growth trajectory is technical path. This for some reasons, I thought its not my cup of tea. Being fascinated by customer facing roles, I see myself more successful in managing customer and interacting with the delivery of the projects. Bingo, I decided this is the way forward.

Q was how? Thankfully one of my college senior suggested strongly to participate in short-duration weekend program from IIMB. After few months of research, interacting with the IIMB proffs, current students, peers, bosses (Boss is always right), blogs etc etc I decided to pursue Executive Management program from IIM-B.

Thankfully the course was best, in that sense.  I will say course was the best choice available to working executives in India. It is more inclined to management framework and nuances starting from subjects like economics (micro, macro), finance (accounting, corporate, financial analysis, working capital management, cost management etc etc), marketing (strategies, brand development, STP analysis, Market entry etc), HRM (Org behaviour, HR planning, performance management), operations (supply chain, operations planning and control, resource optimization techniques, TQM, technology management) with an overview of prevailing commercial laws in India. In terms of methodologies, it is more of participative and attending class itself was rich experience. Many of the subjects give real time assignments and encourage students to participate actively in the class, rather than regular monotonous way of education.

Apart from the course content and the methodology, everybody advised me class itself would be the amazing experience. There will be people form diversified domain, background, different work-ex and knowledge sharing and connectivity will be awesome. In fact we will come to know best of the practices across the industries and take back to workplace.

Third, networking and be part of alumni, this itself will create different mind share altogether and give different perspective and participation forum, which can be leveraged upon continuously.

Fourth and very important, we will learn best of the practice from the renowned faculty of IIM-B, which is premier management institute in India. As I wrote earlier, this can be awesome experience having IIMB branding on my profile. Here it goes, I decided that I wanted to try it.

Next was the admin part, which was trivial but necessary to get enroll for the course. Of course, fees and time commitment. My spouse as usual advised me to continue and we can work out modalities which essentially means sacrifice of lot of personal time and huge commitment.

What was not working in favour, I just changed job and move into very demanding role in Wipro. This was huge challenge. However, when I discussed with my boss and shared my intention. He gladly honored the intention and advised me to go for the course. He promised that he would provide me support. In fact the course demand has 4 weeks (1 week each) almost after 1.5 months each, where-in I will be completely away from office. Thankfully my boss and second level manager agreed for the same. Not only that, they were kind enough to guide me what kinda assignments I should do and what to look for. Infact many of the times, I discussed many aspects to them and they were always there guiding me.

Finally after few months of exploration, admin, selection process the course got started in the month of april..after all the dillema, preparation.. as usual I was charged enough with butterflies in the stomach to participate in the course…I still remember 21st April was the day..

closing for the day. Shall write about those interesting months in subsequent blogs.

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  1. Lohit says:

    Hi Amal
    Nice post,
    I too am keen to pursue a similar course, but the one I was looking at involves an entrance test, thats a PG for software enterprise
    Wanted to check the details for the program you are enlisted for
    How to apply
    When are the dates for application etc
    Who to contact

    Thanks a ton in advance 🙂

  2. Amal says:

    Hi Lohit

    1. PGSEM is 2.5 years program. you can apply based on your CAT/GMAT score. However, this is more for aspiring managers who want to get into middle mgmt.
    2. EGMP is for middle managers who want to get into higher ups. Course aim to reduces the time-to-reach higher up by couple of years.
    3. Keep browsing IIM website (http://www.iimb.ernet.in/iimb/html/m-frames.jsp?ilink=107&pname=eep-overview-openprog.htm) for more details.
    4. Admission process is cv & nomination submission followed by short interview
    5. For details, you can make personal visit to Chairmen office, Executive Education. Meet Prof. M S Narashiman – IIM B

    Any further queries, please shoot.

  3. Sridhar says:

    Hi Amal

    I came across your post while surfing the net to get more info about IIMB EGMP. This is a very interesting piece and tanatalisingly poised for the next post 🙂

    Unfortunately, I could not find any subsequent posts about your actual course experience. Did you post it elsewhere??

    Btw, I have enrolled into the new EGMP batch so am eager to know more!!


  4. amal says:

    Hi Sridhar

    Yes, you are correct. I didn’t posted abt course experience. Let me recollect and write about the same.

    BTW, congrates for joining the esteem club.


  5. avani says:

    Hi amal

    Thanks for the informative review. I am looking at egmp this year, but the distance version via virtual classroom. Do you think the value add of the course still remains intact in distance learning? There is a week on-campus every Q though

    Also, several forums mentioned that the certificate one gets out of this course is a ‘participation’ certificate and not a degree is that true? What kind of certificate does one get on completion of the course?


  6. amal says:

    Hi Avani

    Around 40-50% of the class are distance class through v-conf. Remaining classes are on-campus classes. For the v-conf classes, there are some definite challenges such as no discipline pressure. Most of the time, I have seen remote participants walkin-and-out of the class unlike bangalore centre. I will say, focus/attention of individuals participating from remote centre is the key.

    IIMB for my batch offered two certificates: (a) Participation and (b) Participation with grading. Yes, you are correct its not a degree and whats big deal about it. Even regular PGP is not degree and that\’s shouldn\’t be considered at all. What matters is IIMB branding, knowledge application and networking.

    Hope that helps

  7. Soumen says:


    I had applied for EGMP last year but did not get thru. I am already a mid level Manager and would like to pursue EGMP. Any tips on how I may structure my resume, what do they (IIM) expect to see to improve my chances of getting in?


  8. amal says:


    Guess it’s not about your experience. It’s more about queue. I will suggest you write to ‘Chairperson – EEP, IIM B’. You can get his contact details from IIMB site. Write to him directly with your purpose, experience level. He should able to guide you best. Normally they assist students appropriately.

    Hope that helps

  9. dr anshu says:


    Great to learn ur experience.I am looking forward to this course .I am a doctor and in industry it is important to know the busisness perpectives .Hence I feel the need for it.Tell me about selection and also share with us has this course heped you in lateral pplacement and moving up the ladder.

  10. amal says:

    Hi Anshu

    Good to know that medical fraternity is keen on management aspects. I am not surprised considering Apollo & mobile clinic are opening up. 🙂 EGMP in general explain management nuances, which definitely help. Guess I have written a lot above. That should help you for course benefit. If you have any specific Q’s, then I will be more than glad to answer.

    BTW, I am secretary of IIMB executive education alumni association. Check my profile at http://iimbeealumni.org/membersdirectory.htm page. 🙂

    All The Best


  11. mukesh says:

    Dear Mr. Amal,
    I am working with IT company having experience of 7 year
    I would like to know about the career prospects of EGMP program.
    I have got the offer letter for EGMP XIV batch.

    as there is no placement after this program , will it help to move to next role ?
    also is it very tough to clear the different subject’s exams of EGMP program.
    I heard exams are during the course suprise exams,it is not informed in advance to student is it true ?

    do we have some specialization or projects also?

    Thanks for your help in advance.


  12. amal says:

    Hi Mukesh

    I have already addressed career prospects in my blog and few of the comments. Overall program definitely helps to next role in your respective domain/work-area. It is however not comparable to regular PGP movements. That’s different segment altogether.

    There aren’t any surprise exams etc. There are assignments and end-module/sem exams, which are manageable. Towards the end of the program, there is business simulation program where knowledge learned can be applied very well to understand business nuances. That is tremendous platform to learn and get business insights.


  13. mukesh says:

    Hi Amal,
    Thank you very much for the valuable information.


  14. mukesh says:

    Hi Amal,

    Could you please let me know during this course we need to do some projects which
    require data from current job/assignment

    To complete this course Time management is very much required also the class in weekdays thats a big challenge to meet along with job.


  15. Suma says:


    This is like hearing from the Horse’s mouth , the insight given is very informative


  16. Kiran says:

    Hi Amal,
    This blog is very informative. Thanks for writing such an informative blog.
    I am applying for the batch – XV. I carry 7 yrs of IT experience. I am also concerned about my CV. I tried searching for contact details of “Chairperson – EEP, IIM B” from the site. I couldn’t get the link. I am sorry to ask, but, can you help me in getting the details?If you post the link here, it would be helpful. I am planning to get thru IIM-B, and so want to apply asap.

    Awaiting your reply.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  17. Dileesh says:

    Hello Amal

    one query: in your opinion does EGMP carry more weightage than a PGDBM (evening class) from local institute like christ college? mainly bcos i am investing nearly 3 lakhs on this course and i only end up getting a participation certificate as against a PG Diploma from the other course.

    thanks and Regards

  18. amal says:

    Hello Dinesh

    To be very honest, comparing EGMP from christ college or any other local college is not level playing comparison at all. If you think through your objective will met by doing PGDBM from any college, go-ahead join that.

    Unless i understand your specific objectives. I wont able to comment at all.


  19. Mahabaleshwar says:

    Hi Amal –

    Your blog is very useful. I am unable to locate program details for EGMP. Could you please send me the link on IIM-B website.

    I did check on Open program tab but could not locate EGMP. The nearest I culd get was GMITE


  20. Santosh says:

    Dear Amal,


    I Just got selected for EGMP XV
    please advice on this course from your experience
    any dos & donts
    Please give me any information, got butterflies about this Program , i am really excited about the whole thing.

    Santosh J

  21. amal says:

    Hi Santosh


    My experience is already shared. Please check previous comments. Make sure to attend classes and participate actively. Nothing much. Go with the flow and enjoy time ahead. In any case, you will be hard-pressed for time.

    Hi Mahabaleshwar

    Check previous comments 🙂


  22. amal says:

    Hi Vijayant

    Reading your comments definitely proves belief “Nobody is perfect. I am nobody”. Before I reply, let me consolidate your thoughts:
    1. Want to pursue professional course which help you grow professionally
    2. Don’t want to go for full time course
    3. Pros & cons of the course (fees, logistics etc)

    Let’s see what alternatives you have:
    – EGMP from IIMB and IIMC as well
    – Other institutes as well
    My experience says, both (IIMB & IIMC) are almost equally par Instt. and must be at similar level. To be very honest, I don’t consider other institutes at same level. Hence didn’t consider them for comparison. Both professors and students (SME’s from various industries) make class an immense learning platform. Also with introduction of Capestone simulation towards end is another major value-add. My take is going for the course, without any doubt. It’s an awesome learning experience and self-investment avenue. It gives you good returns, both professionally and learning per-se. I don’t think age should be consideration factor. Learning is continuous journey not a destination. Just go for it.
    – Few of my batch mates were from Delhi. My course (EGMP-VIII) had 4 modules and first 3 modules were for 6 weeks duration app. First and last week of module as on-campus (even for non-BLR students) and then Saturday classes (in-person or through reliance web world live V-conf). In my personal experience live class in-person is always better, as technology & human indiscipline has its own limitations. If you can attend all classes in-person @ BLR, nothing likes it. Attending @ R-world sat classes are OK. Check with IIMB professor on this.
    – Studies, self-discipline and sacrifice of family time (both from you & your family) are a must for REAL learning. Lot of optional assignments, if you are serious do on your own.

    I guess my reply & previous posted comments must have answered all of your queries. Please post if there are more Q’s.

    Do let everybody know here on final decision.

    All the Best

  23. Prashant says:

    Hi Amal:

    Excellent post. Thanks so much for the information. Would you know the average professional experience for the the folks attending the program ? I am looking at enrolling in the program starting April 2010.


  24. Kannan says:

    Hi Amal,

    this is a fantastic initiative and thanks a lot for starting this blog. I am also planning to attend this course. Do you think a company nomination has more weightage than an individual nominating himself?

    Also, are there any formating guidelines that you would recommend for the resume ( for example: it should be in single page etc.)


  25. Vikas says:


    Does anyone know, what is the amount of DD to enclosed for applying to EGMP offered by IIMB? This information is not available from their webiste/Nomination form/Brochure.


  26. VK says:

    Hello Amal,

    I am IT professional with 5+ years of experience. The EGMP brochure says, “Mid-career professionals with potential for growth who have not had the benefit of formal B-School education and graduates with a minimum of 5 years managerial experience”. Do I need to have a “Manager title” to apply to this course Or Do I have to demonstrate in my CV the supervisory roles I have performed in my career so far.

    In simple words, I would like to know, whether I must have a “Manager” title in my role as a mandatory requirement to apply to this course or not ?


  27. Srilatha says:


    What is the difference between EGMP and GMITE courses offered by IIMB?

    I have 8yrs experience in Software Industry and is looking for pursuing executive MBA (part time). Which of these two courses (EGMP and GMITE) would be more appropriate for me?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.


  28. amal says:

    Hi VK

    I will personally recommend to go for EGMP course only once you have 1-2 years pure managerial experience, not with supervisory roles. You can possibly look for SEM course with your experience right now. Other option could be GMITE

    Hi Srilatha

    As per my last understanding (2 years back), GMITE & EGMP has same syllabus. Target audience is different. In case of GMITE, it is IT professionals; whereas EGMP has participants from across the industry. That itself is phenomenal experience, consider the wider perspectives and rich experience sharing. I will suggest go through previous comments for more clarity.


  29. Kiran says:

    Hi Amal,
    Excellent blog!! I am Manager in private company with 12 years of work experience. I am planning to apply for this course for April 2010 batch. My question to you is:
    1. In your experience which is better EGMP or Executive MBA from Private Institutions
    2. What are the job prospects after doing EGMP?
    3. Are you still working in Wipro or have changed your job? If changed what was the weightage you got because of EGMP. If you are still in Wipro, did it help you in getting promoted?

    Please Clarify…



  30. Farida says:

    Hi Amal,

    Thank you for such detailed information on the course. I have a total of 13yrs of exp with 6 yrs in a managerial role. My education is just a B.com & now I can see the shortfall of just being a graduate. I want to get into the senior management role & climb the ladder but I know my education is very limited. I’m contemplating between the PGCBM from XLIR & the EGMP from IIMB, both are good institutes & the course material is more or less the same. Which one do you think is better & why?

    How has the EGMP added value to your career?


  31. Dhawal Shah says:

    Dear Amit,

    Excellent Blog, Very informative. Thanks for publishing this and sharing your information. I visited IIMB website and it does not mention any of the qualification criteria. I wanted to understand from you how good is this program for entrepreneurs. I presume this program, does not require you to have devote full time and that is why I am considering it.

    As an entrepreneur, I face a lot of challenges and to what degree does this program equip you for it.


    Dhawal Shah

  32. Rudra says:

    Hello Amol –

    I have recently applied for EGMp programme at IIM-B and awating nominatin confirmation.

    I found your blog very informative on EGMP and hence thought of asking this question to you:-

    I am 10+2+3 Diploma in ECE with approx 14 years of work experience in IT field (last 6 months in middle management position). Was eager to know on the selection crtieria of IIM are they strict on graduates or they are flexible?


  33. Rajesh says:

    Hi Amal

    Nice Blog !

    Can you pls comment on EGMP Vs AMP ( Advance Management Program) , If you have 15 plus years of industry experince then which one do you suggest to apply for EGMP or AMP ? pls suggest !


  34. Madhu says:

    Dear Amal,

    It’s fantastic info those who are firing themselves to became entrepreneur.
    I would like to know that the classes mentioned in IIMB website will be Friday also infact it’s very difficult for working professional. In this case shall weekend classes is alternative for Friday class or sud attend the both.

    Thanks in Advance,
    With Regards,

  35. Amit says:


    Can you help me avbout difference in EGMP and GMITE program?


  36. Naveen says:

    Dear Sidharth,
    IIMB website says last date is 24th Aug and batch starts in Sept. How come you already got admission ?


  37. Anil says:

    Hi Amal,

    This is Anil from Hyderabad , i have been working in a semiconductor industry for past five years, i have around 5+ yrs of experience, i applied for EGMP 18th batch but did not get through, i thought of applying for the EGMP 19th batch but before that i wanted your valuable suggestions. I have a problem here, being from a core technology industry we don’t have manager or middle level positions here , everybody is a individual contributor and we have manager’s who are in US to whom we report. so i dont have a managerial kind of position here, but i am very interested and keen to learn the basics and nuances of management and i am going to start a company in the near future before that i wanted to get this insight.

    could you please help me in understanding that what kind of experience is required in order to get into this program. i cannot fake myself as a manager right. and now a days in IT companies every Tom,Dick and Harry are given these positions left and right even if they are not doing that kind of job

    please help me should i apply or not.


  38. Bhanu says:

    Very nice information. Can anyone share experiences on how this course helped in advancing their career.

  39. Vimmi says:

    Hello Amal,

    Thank ou for such a helpful post.Even you responses to the queries give a better insight to the course.
    About myself, I have 5+ yrs of experience in Telecom development, however I have no experience in Management. I want to pursue EGMP for various reasons, one of them is that its a 1 year non – residential course which suits me the best. The other one being, performing better in my future roles and survining through sheer competion ( even a 3 yr experienced person is pursuing Ex-MBA from FMS, Delhi, I hope I am not too late).What other institutes provide similar course, if IIMB does not select my application this year?

    Looking for your guidance.

    Thanks in Advance,

  40. Sundaram.J.S. says:

    Hi Amal,
    I just missed the boat for Sep 2010 Batch. I plan to apply for the July 2011 batch.
    Can you suggest some books that I can study, which would enable me understand the subjects that are taught/discussed in the programme?


  41. vinay says:

    Hi Sidharth,

    Could you please provide the selection procedure if you have any? How do you find program?
    Which are other places where same programes are offered?

    Thanks and Regards,

  42. SUDEEP says:

    Hi Amal
    I am a geologist with 13 yrs experience appliesd for EGMP and selected for he same.
    After the co,pletion will there be any campus for JOB or we have to try by our own.

  43. venkat says:

    Hi Amal/Sidharth,

    I had around 8 years of experience in IT field with specialise in telecom domain. I had applied for EGMP twice earlier once in EGMP-18(May’2010) & EGMP-19(Aug’2010).I had received the mail from IIMB as not shortlisted other than there is no reasons. I couldn’t determine what is the reason behind not able to shortlist? May be in EGMP-18 there may some mistake on the asy for applying.In case of EGMP-19,I had provided the SOP also which is not mandatory from the IIM-B EGMP admission process. I had majorily on lead activity and took the response on managerial activity but didn’t have the title of Manager. I couldn’t get the proper reason from the IIM-B for both the times. I am unable to determine the reason behind for not shortlist the programme. Can you provide your valuable comments on the same to be shortlist in future EGMP programme?


  44. sushmita says:

    Hi Amal,

    I do have few questions. Kindly find out some time to reply.

    1. I have 8 yrs . of experience in IT. So for me which course would be suitable -PGSEM or EPBM.
    since both are value add to your knowledge and profile but doesn’t have placements.

    2.What is the industry recoznition for the same ?

    3. Are there any difference in the course contents ?

    4. Now that you have completed the course what difference it has made in your carrer?
    Knowledge wise it is bound to make but then did you get any benefit career wise.

    Thanks in advance,

  45. Rohit says:

    Dear All,

    Does this course require campus visit to IIM B? How long is that? Also what is the selection criteria and the tentative dates for 2011 course? I am residing in Delhi.


  46. Rajan says:

    Dear Amal,
    Since you have completed this certification couple of years back ? How do you find the industry response post addition of IIMB tag to your resume ? does industry recognizes it and really help graduates with 8-10+ years exp. in the senior mgmt cadre


  47. sujith sukumar says:

    What do you feel about the AMPM and AMPE courses from IIM-B, where u do course at four location in the world. Cost is 14 lacs + travel nd boarding abroad. Do u feel it is worth investing in this course. I dont think there would be placement service but will this course add weight to my CV.

  48. Naveen says:


    I have totally 9 years of experience and working in a BPO environment. Always wanted to pursue masters which can add value to my current qualification (Bcom). Have not been able to do so, now that I have decided to take up a course, I need an advise so that I can aquire some specilised knowledge in Finance and start pursuing my career in a field of Financial planning & analysis


  49. Venki says:

    Hi Amal,

    I have around 8 years of experience in IT.I didn’t have any managerial exposure but mostly on leading the team. I was shortlisted for the GMITE-6 programme.
    1. How far the GMITE would help a guy to further progress in career ladder?
    2. What are the advantages on gaining GMITE from IIMB?
    Kindly provide your comments on the same.

    With Regards,

  50. Venkat says:

    Hi Amal,

    I have around 8 years of experience in IT.I didn’t have any managerial exposure but mostly on leading the team. I was shortlisted for the GMITE-6 programme.
    1. How far the GMITE would help a guy to further progress in career ladder?
    2. What are the advantages on gaining GMITE from IIMB?
    Kindly provide your comments on the same.

    With Regards,

  51. Bharath Madgula says:


    I am a Technical Consultant. I have learnt that for EGMP, experience required is 5 years, By time i reach an experience level of 5 years, i will be a senior technical consultant or a tech lead, will this experience count??? As they say that the experience required is of 5 years of managerial experience !!!


  52. Hemant says:

    Hi Amal,
    Excellent info indeed sir!
    Few queries:
    1) can u clarify abt diff b/w EGMP and AMP, and other certificate programs being offerred by IIM-Kolkata / IIM-Kozihkode in partnership with Hughes Education.
    2) The RWW sessions for Cat 1 cities like mumbai, does everyone from Mumbai need to be at same RWW location or each can attend from any of the RWW location in Mumbai of his/her choice?
    3) What is the exact title of the degree / certificate given on successful completion of the course?
    4) What benefits, short-term and long-term you got @ Wipro due to this?
    Thanks in advance sir!

  53. Tausif says:

    Hi Amal,

    Great writeup ! Your article & the comments have answered most of my questions. After completing this course,could you please let me know your exeperience on
    1) After the course have you seen better job offers coming your way?
    2) Have you felt the need to do a full time PG ?

    Lookign forward to your reply,

  54. SriLakshmi says:

    Hello Amal,

    This is SriLakshmi and Im a working IT professional with 3.5 years of IT experience. Im a Bsc Computer Science graduate and I aspire to pursue this EMBA programme from IIM – Bangalore.

    Could you kindly let me know on the procedures/ good contacts who can guide me further to this please?


  55. Sayed says:

    Hi, Amal.

    Your blog was very informative, I am too applying . Would like to know from you what was difference experienced by you post IIMB.

    With Regards,

  56. abhineet says:

    Hi Amal

    How are you.

    I have received the offer letter for EGMP 25th Batch.
    I have a total of 7 years of experience in IT industry and about 1 year of Managerial experience.

    Want to know your opinion if this course will help me in professional growth.

    Also what is the frequency of assignments and exams, want to have an idea how rigorous the course is.

    I was looking for a course which last about 1 year so that way it fits the bill.


  57. Prem says:

    Pls reply
    Kiran says:
    10. February 2010 at 11:21
    Hi Amal,
    Excellent blog!! I am Manager in private company with 12 years of work experience. I am planning to apply for this course for April 2010 batch. My question to you is:
    1. In your experience which is better EGMP or Executive MBA from Private Institutions
    2. What are the job prospects after doing EGMP?
    3. Are you still working in Wipro or have changed your job? If changed what was the weightage you got because of EGMP. If you are still in Wipro, did it help you in getting promoted?

    Please Clarify…



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