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Innovation: Digital world getting connected to physical world

Pranav Mistry (PhD student of Indian origin in the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT’s Media Lab) recently shares few of his innovations, which can connect digital world to the real world objects. During his recent he shared his phenomenal vision … Continue reading

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Internet History

Beautiful documentary on history & advent of Internet. This covers details of Internet evolution, need, the journey and collobaration among military (ARPANET, RAND – US), commercial (NPL – UK), ┬áscientific (CYCLADES – France) to come out with network of networks … Continue reading

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New emerging technological trends

Technology always created new avenues, facilities, comfort level for human being and is consistently evolved to achieve new break-through. Not only these aspects, it created new niche market & consumer segments leading to new financial models. Classical example of recent … Continue reading

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