Book review of ‘My honeymoon with a pinch of salt’

Hi fellas,

Have read many books in the past abt work-life balance. However, this book by Virender Kapoor is real eye-opener. After initial 50 pages or so (once we overcome our inertia), I realized this is pretty much life of most working professionals who are trying to chase ‘pot of gold’ endlessly and putting our personal happiness at back-track. Book centrally revolves around few IIM/IIT grads and there so-called upward success trajectory in the corporate world to pursue there dreams and ignoring blissful personal time, there families, kids, parents, working in true workaholic manner. Trying to quickly reach top of the corporate world. In-fact book doesn’t discourage reaching top of the world, however it explains how to be there and still be happy family.

How to achieve nirvana in real-life essentially means living life to the fullest. This is about couple doing courtship together and then starting there marriage build on well laid principles, ethics and amazing connectivity. There-after getting lost in the roller-coaster ride, self-injected work pressure, continuously missing each other company, always ON in the corporate world, infidelity, ignoring the kid and trying to buy happiness by means of wealth and so on. Second part of the book explains abt connectivity of the couple and bringing them back to happiness, creating there joint space, finding rejoice and still pursue dreams..however message is when to apply brake and when to race is an individual choice and we need to make that choice. It explains indirectly abt common nuances like ‘Always ON’, ‘ workaholic’, ‘quality time’ and its effect on our day-in, day-out life. How simple trusted techniques of Yoga, pranayam, meditation can help us to achieve the balance. Over and above, a must read.

One of the key message for myself is to be more disciplined and work towards few of the fundamental yoga techniques. Hopefully, will able to do Amal

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