Down-under Australian series

Hi friends,

Once again the score of Australian series is reading 2-0, which should have been 1-1 or 1-0. I salute the way Australian cricket team scripted the series. India went into match w/o any practice courtesy weather and insufficient match practice planned before the first match. If we look into the series tests are schedule at Melbourne, sydney, perth and Adelaide.

Among these four venues, India had best chance at Melbourne, Sydney where spinner do get certain support. Though bowlers gave us half chance in the first match, our batting as usual collapsed w/o much practice. There after with lead of 150 runs, we were just beating the bushes. There was absolutely no chance.

Then came the second match, here comes the determined Indian team and australian were at mat with score reading 134-6 and then australian open there triumph card umpires..and they went blind..and possibly one of the Australian member gave not out to Symonds stumping chance. There-after it was usual ‘catch-me-if-you-can’ story, where our batters provided very strong response and achieved significant lead as well. Of course discount Yuvi, Dhoni effort. They are there to entertain sexy, petite bollywood babe Ms. Padukone.

Of course, one of the prominent threat for Ponting is Harbhajan. Please note, harbhajan has dismissed Ponting 8 times in 8 test matches. When Bhajji played characterful innings along with sachin to overcome australian total. Then our great team, planted the racist stuff. What a ploy. Two birds shot down, demoralize Indian team and remove the biggest threat to there captain, so that he can score runs as well. BTW, by the time this racist incident happen, bhajji got his man twice out of three ocassion. How come 3 match ban can be handed without any proof, video evidence. good ploy again.

Of course, what australian didn’t anticipated strong Indian team reply. Now, the turnaround decisions are as:

1. No Bucknor & Benson in 3rd & 4th match. Instead it is Asad Rauf, Billy Bowden officiating in the 3rd match

2. Ranjan Murdugalle to diffuse situation between Ponting and Kumble

3. Bhajji appeal to be reheard before 3rd match

4. Hogg appeal to be heard around 14th or 15th Jan.

What next. there are two matches with perth in schedule. There is high likely scoreline tends to be 3-0, unless India reply very strongly. Adelaide yes we have chance like the last time.

Not bad actually..This is I think should be ok. There is high likelihood that Harbhajan ban will be revoked. At end of the day, everybody now will be very keen to see how Indian team reacts to the favorable situation now. They have media, australian crowd, BCCI, ICC, back home support. There is nothing more they can ask for. What else, do what they are there to do. Perform and set the score as 2-2 or 2-1. I think it is high time for Indian team to pull up the socks and give Australian a very strong reply. They should end-up series with 2-2 or 2-1 w/o fail. Else, we will read the comment towards end of the series..we always ‘Talk the talk’, never ‘Walk-the-talk’.

Few of the answers they need to find for Yuvi, Dhoni form. Opening combination. Support to R P singh? Which they can..

well for Indian cricket team, rise and shine to the occasion.

Hopefully shall not be disappointed.

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