I was wondering on the recent ad-war between airtel & Reliance DTH launch. Is it worth it? Does it really help the companies, in this case does reliance or airtel gets any benefit.  I personally dont think any company gain advantage over other. Possibly not, maximum mileage is attain by the ‘subject in context’. In this case it is DTH services which is gaining popularity, rather awareness. Ad-war definitely helps launch of new product which is the case-in-point here. If we reflect into Thums Up vs Mountain Dew ad (Akshay kumar ignorance of chick for Thums-up vs. Mountain Dew spoof ad on Akshay kumar), Dew definitely got benefited for creating promotional awareness.

Possibly thats the reason, most of the market leader & follower wont get into ad-war for established products. For new product launch, they do. Recent Reliance vs. Airtel DTH ad certifies that. I am sure, if there is survey conducted now, people are more aware of DTH services launch from Airtel & reliance. It is even getting hottier now. What remains to be seen if market leader & follower (Tata-Sky & Dish TV) follow the suite as well?

Any thoughts? Shall love to listen, discuss on the subject.

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