5 point someone – by Chetan Bhagat

‘5 point someone’ is an absolute hilarious representation of average (and bright 😉 students of engineering colleges. Book essentially is college-life of 3 IIT’ians, from diversified background (one rich, innovative guy, always stand with his friend, create some really goofy circumstances, actually genius; second guy goes only by his instinct and intuitions; third folk is traditional low middle class family rep, bogged down with so many aspects viz. dowry for his sis, ailing father, working mom etc). These are bright students (simple reason, they have cleared IIT entrance – benchmarking in itself) but average performer in IIT. They are five pointers (which is like average/below average performance in IIT) someone. 5 pointers club members are typically not in the preferred rankings of IIT Proffs.

Book starts from 1st year, there meeting, union, ragging period. How they get united and easily get hooked together. Ryan (there leader) guiding them for important aspects in life like fag, Vodka, girl, paratha’s, not to mug etc. Hari (intitutive) and Alok (anxious do-gooder) just follow them. Thanks to Ryan, successfully inspiring Hari and Alok to transform from brilliant to disillusioned students. Forming 5 pointer club with funny strategies how to study the least; collectively spend time on important activities like movie, paratha, Roof top (9th storey) Vodka sessions, absolutely not to be in the league of studious muggers. Talk big, crib about proffs in typical way like ‘Yahan ka system he hai kharab’ and do everything which you are not suppose to do.

Meanwhile Mr. Hari getting hooked with the HOD daughter, his ice-cream stall date, his unsuccessful effort to get ‘A’ grades in HOD subjects, embarrassed situation where he caught drunken in the class, his physical affair with HOD daughter and then HOD pulling him up by collar for affair with his daughter. I like Hari among all the characters, his nonchalant love towards Neha, circumstances where he had to expose Neha (HOD daughter) relationship in front of the committee.

Overall, a highly nostalgic book. After first few pages, I got caught in fond reminiscences of my engineering days, where we use to do the similar stuff. Obviosuly, we were not courageous enuff to try out for paper out, HOD daughter, vodka shot at roof-top etc.

A very high reco from my side. I have read books on similar themes in the past, but they were more of black comedy. This absolutely stands apart in the narration with slick humor, typical college lingo, slang used. Of course with girl angle attached, this is like a spicy bollywood flick. BTW, there are certain talks that bollywood movie based on this novel. Key protagonist will be Aamir khan and John Abharam and directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

A must read for all the hostelers (engg or non-engg). Moreover with price of 95/-, please go & grab your copy.

Author: Chetan Bhagat, Site: http://chetanbhagat.com/

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  1. Amit Sachan says:

    I second Amal Sir, I read this book almost 4 years back, when i was just out of KNIT. The book should be read at one go. Its pretty good read. There are two similar books written by Erich Segal, The Class and Doctors. Both these books are highly recommended if you want to relive those old days. Dont want to write much. Just savor the delightful humour of these three books….

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