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I was wondering on the recent ad-war between airtel & Reliance DTH launch. Is it worth it? Does it really help the companies, in this case does reliance or airtel gets any benefit.  I personally dont think any company gain … Continue reading

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Imprisonment due to ignorance or racial reasons?

This story is a couple of months old of Missouri urologist Dr. Madduri, which I come across recently. I was wondering if the urologist had some malicious intentions.  Most of us in his situation would have behaved in similar manner. … Continue reading

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Interesting sale

A house being sold @ 1.75$. Unbelievable, isn’t it. Fact remains it is auctioned at ebay and won by a women for 1.75$. check this link  Is it due to the meltdown of housing sector? Possibly not. No one will … Continue reading

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