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Hello friend, fellas, bloggers….

I am Amal Gupta, born & brought up in Kanpur (Northern part of India) and successfully survived so far 😉 in the infectious world. With good flavours of maths (passing math itself is academically brilliant by my standard)..I tried my hands in IT and immediately realised this is pefect Industry and can continue my survival. And here I am, not only survived, rather successfully survived. By virtue of working in the IT industry, travelled a lot worldwide, met people, visited places, tried different varients of gastronomic food. Essentially I love this industry and proud of it as well. We shall be proud of IT industry as this give India long due recognition by virtue of success story. Now challenge is to take it to the next level…and I am sure we have capabilities to travel distances…and create niche as well…of course do wonder as well.

Well this is more or less about me. Academically I completed my MCA in 97 from Kamla Nehru Instt of Technology (UP), then PMP in 2004 and pursuing Executive management program from IIM-Bangalore. Pls visit amalgupta on linkedIn easily for my professional profile.

I am married to my better half ;-), of course it cant be anybody’s better half. She is also working in IT and tolerant enuff to tolerate me for more than 8 years…I cant belive how can somebody be so tolerant…In any case I am thankful to her to be with me always…and focussing me to channelize my energies in right direction. Hopefully, she will comment on my blogs..

I find myself good at socializing, motivation, Numbers…I luv numbers…, of course finance as well..Will try to share few tools which I have developed so far..and discuss & elobrate on that.

Coming to the blogs, I had been continously sneakking into so many blogs and always fascinated abt blog. Finally decided to actively participate as well. I will be writing abt how I see the world..and am sure will find many continue building network of friends as well.

Do visit my personal website www.amalgupta.com

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